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2020 Meetings

Below are agendas, minutes and financials from past WRRTC meetings.  Our records are not always complete and we are constantly working to make improvements.  If you are looking for something that is not here, please contact us and we will assist you the best that we can.

Click on the links below to access PDF's of each document.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Financials
 January 10th Agenda  Minutes  Treasurer's Report
 February 7th Agenda  Minutes  Treasurer's Report
 March 6th AgendaMinutes  Treasurer's Report
 April 10th AgendaMinutes  Treasurer's Report
 May 8th Agenda Minutes  Treasurer's Report
 June 5th AgendaMinutes  Treasurer's Report
 July 10th  AgendaMinutes  Treasurer's Report
 August 7th  AgendaMinutes  Treasurer's Report
 September 11thAgenda  Minutes  Treasurer's Report
October 9th AgendaMinutes  Treasurer's Report
 November 6th  Agenda  Minutes  Treasurer's Report
 December 4th  Agenda  Minutes  Treasurer's Report

* You will need Adobe Reader to access the PDF documents on this page.  Adobe Reader is available as a free download here.