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 Meeting Date     Agendas    Approved Minutes Treasurer's Report
 January 5th                
Agenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 February 16thAgenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 March 9thAgenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 April 6th Agenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 May 4th Agenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 June 8th Agenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 July 6th Agenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 August 10th  Agenda Minutes Treasurer's Report
 September 7th Agenda  Treasurer's Report
 October 5th   
 November 9th   
 December 7th    

The WRRTC’s meetings are usually held at 10:00 a.m. on the first Friday after the first Tuesday of the month at the Dane County Highway Building in Madison, Wisconsin.