Each member County appoints three Commissioners to the WRRTC. Commissioners are usually appointed by their County Chair or County Executive for a three-year appointment and need not be a County Board Supervisor.

County Name Executive
Term Expiration
Crawford Carl Orr  2nd Vice Chair
April 2021
Tom Cornford       April 2023
Derek Flansburgh   April 2022

Jeff Huttenburg    Treasurer April 2023
Chris James    
1st Vice Secretary April 2021
Grant Gary Ranum    
April 2023
Mike Lieurance        

April 2021
Robert Scallon 1st Vice-Chair
April 2022
GreenHarvey Kubly1st Vice Treasurer
 Oscar Olson    
Iowa Charles Anderson Secretary
April 2023
Sue Storti

April 2022
Kate Rieman        

April 2021
Mary Roberts   3rd Vice ChairApril 2023
John Kannard
April 2021
Augie TietzApril 2022
RockWayne Gustina   April 2023
Alan Sweeney Chair April 2021
Russ Podzilni        April 2022
Sauk Dave Riek2nd Vice Treasurer April 2021
Marty Krueger
April 2022
Brian Peper
April 2023
Tim McCumber  Alternate Alternate
Walworth Al Stanek   April 2022
Richard Kuhnke2nd Vice Secretary April 2023
Allan Polyock   April 2021
Waukesha Karl Nilson3rd Vice Tresurer May 2022
Dick Mace

May 2021
Richard Morris   May 2023